How To Generate A Click/Impression Tracker In XPO?

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An Impression and click tracker is used to track impressions and clicks associated with your creatives in XPO.



  1. In XPO, from menu Utility > Trafficking. This will launch Admin Dashboard.

  2. In XPO Admin Dashboard, under menu Campaign > + Add Campaign. Add/create a new campaign.

      • Complete the campaign info and click Continue.

      • Add in the campaign item name, platform, type, size, publishing network (choose own network), and landing page. Select flight dates based on the campaign schedule.

      • Add a Daily Impression Limit and/or an overall Impression Limit.
      • Click Submit to save your new campaign.

  3. In XPO Admin Dashboard, under menu Campaign > Manage Campaigns. Select the new campaign created (or an existing one) you wish to add trackers to.


  4. Click on +Tracker from Campaign Info.

    • Chose XPO Publisher. It is important to choose the publisher where your ad tag will be placed because this step automatically fills in the necessary Macros for the tag. Once done, click Next.

    • Key in the Name, Description, and Type. Choose between Click and Impression tracker (For Search you can only have a click tracker).
    • Click Add.

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