How To Generate Conversion Pixels With Facebook Event Mapping

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In XPO, besides using XPO provided pixel technology, you can also capture conversion goals that occur on your website by embedding Facebook Pixel Events into the web pages to define and capture such actions and engagements. These events may include purchase, registration, add to cart, and more.


Before Using Facebook Pixel

    • You must have linked at least one Facebook Ad Account to an XPO advertiser account.
    • At least one Facebook Pixel should be added under the Facebook Ad Account linked with XPO Advertiser.


    1. Follow steps 1 and 2A (Website as Conversion Type) as described in How To Generate Conversion Pixels In XPO?
    2. Facebook Pixel must be ON/enabled in the conversion dashboard form in XPO.
        • Select and link your Facebook Ad Account 
        • Select your pixel from the dropdown
    3. You can opt for only one event from the dropdown list. The same event will be set to all the Facebook pixels that you select in the Select Pixel dropdown.

    4. You can also add one Facebook Event in the Funnel when the Facebook Pixel is ON/enabled.
    5. You may also add multiple Facebook Events for different Funnels if you would like to.
        • Selecting a Facebook Event is mandatory for the Funnel if you enabled Facebook Pixel and Funnel.

    6. Click Save to generate your conversion pixel using Facebook Pixel.
  • See also Troubleshooting Facebook pixel and XPO pixel.
  • You can edit Facebook Events in your saved conversion goals and funnels. You can also turn OFF the use of Facebook Pixel to remove these Facebook Events from your conversion tracking.
  • The Facebook pixel created from this form will fire 2 Events - Pageview (default) and the selected Event from the drop down list (goal creation in step 3 and funnel creation in step 5).

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