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Under the Campaign dashboard, you will see the Campaign Advisor, the sidebar which appears on the right side of the campaign dashboard. Besides providing instant access to general information like campaign objective, flight dates, campaign status and related campaign metrics, there is also an AI-powered recommender that guides you on optimizing or fixing campaign issues that arise over the course of flight dates.


Understanding The Fields

Fields Details

Defines the objective selected in the campaign form.

Flight Specifies the campaign duration with start date, end date & the total number of days. This is based on the timezone selected in the campaign form.
Performance Metrics
  • Based on the channel and objective selected, performance metrics will be displayed for the campaign. They include:
    1. Budget – The overall budget cap set for the campaign.
    2. Spent – The total amount spent based on the selected date range.
    3. Impressions – The total number of impressions served during the campaign run.
    4. Click-throughs – The total number of clicks received for the impressions served during the campaign run.
    5. Engagements – The total number of interactions with the ad impressions served during the campaign run.
    6. Completed View – The total number of complete views.
    7. Conversions – The total number of actions or interactions that have been defined as valuable to your business.
    8. Revenue – The total amount that your business earns by running an interactive ad.
  • Secondary metrics include Viewability, Click-through rate (CTR), Engagement rate (ER), Cost Per Acquisition (CPA), etc. will be displayed under respective Primary metrics.
  • All the budget values will be displayed in the account currency.
Campaign Status
  1. Under Pacing Risk – The amount of budget that might not be spent because the campaign is underperforming and budget pacing is lagging.
    Under pacing = actual total spend < 90% of expected spend.
  2. Inactive Creatives – The total number of creatives linked to the ad groups that are disapproved or rejected by the ad exchange and the currency is not serving.
  1. Spend Blockers – All the troubleshooting errors with the campaign that causes blocking the budget spend for the campaign.

  2. Blockers will be displayed into two sub-sections - Campaign Level Spend Blockers and Ad Group Level Spend Blockers.

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