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Setting budget cap lets you put a maximum limit on the budget that you can spend on campaign or ad group overall, or you can set for daily budget. In XPO, you can configure the budget for each of your campaign for Programmatic, Social Media, and Search channels.



    1. Quick Launch a campaign.
    2. Under the Budget section, set your cap for Overall (Campaign) Budget Cap and/or Daily Budget Cap.
      • Checking the box will enable the option “Don't apply daily budget cap to ad groups“. You get to set different budget caps at ad group level. You can choose to specify a value for "Overall Budget Cap" and "Daily Budget Cap" or keep them empty.

      • If you don't enable the checkbox "Don't apply daily budget cap to ad groups", the budget cap will be set at campaign-level. This is the default option. In this case, at least one value is mandatory depending upon the Budget Type selected i.e. Daily or Lifetime. If the budget type is selected as Daily, then the daily budget is required or vice-versa.

    3. Save your campaign.


Budget Cap Settings for Different Channels

(A) Programmatic 


(B) Google Adwords


(C) Facebook 


(D) LinkedIn 


  • You can edit the campaign and change values for the Overall Budget Cap and Daily Budget Cap.
  • If you sync campaigns from third-party platforms like Facebook, AdWords, or Linkedin, their respective values will be displayed in XPO after successful syncing. 
  • If your campaigns are created in any third-party platform and then initialized in XPO, the campaigns will be displayed with the respective conditions/scenarios mentioned above.
  • You can clone and archive the campaigns with campaign budget configurations. 


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