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Marketing Across Google Search

Google is the most frequently used search engine, with 4.3 billion users worldwide. Knorex XPO is integrated with the Google search engine, offering marketers immediate access to a powerful channel to reach an audience with intent, especially at the right moment when they are no longer discovering but are searching with an intent to purchase. 

Knorex is a certified Google Premier Partner 2022, achieving Google's requirements in three areas: knowledge and experience, ad spend level, and performance.


XPO + Search

Search with XPO for high intent engagements.

By integrating XPO with Google Ads (Search), marketers are able to harness the power of cross-channel and engage audience which are otherwise in silo. With this integrate, marketers can connect with high intent search audience while remarketing to them across multi-channel to achieve a more holistic and deeper connection with the desired audience.

Search is great, and with XPO, now marketer can extend further that value by going cross-channel:

  • drive more efficient marketing operations across multiple channels with clone and bulk edit tools to manage campaigns across channels while being nimble to dynamically adjust and respond on different channels at the right moment

  • drive better ROI on overall marketing campaigns now that you can have a full view of the consumer’s journey across channels while reaching them at the critical moment

  • drive costs savings


Search Ad Formats Supported in XPO



Search Audience 

XPO optimizes your campaigns with its contextual and keyword-targeted placements and recommends the best bidding strategy for your budget. Reach the appropriate audience and improve ROI with XPO.

Remarket from Programmatic

By executing Search in XPO, now you can continue to engage the audience who have shown interest that clicked on search ads and the number of impressions through other programmatic channels to continue to guide them along the purchase journey.

Remarket from Search

Conversely, by executing Search in XPO, you can tap on Search to retarget audiences who have shown varied interests whether it is from their view or click on ads.


How To Get Started

Follow this guide to start creating your search ad campaigns using XPO.

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