How To Link Your Google Ads Account To XPO

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Ensure that you have granted XPO access to your My Client Center (MCC) before you proceed with the following.



  1. From Partner Admin dashboard, go to Integration > Manage Google Ads.

    Manage AW.png

  2. Under Manage Accounts tab, click Allocate Account.

    Manage accounts.png

  3. Then in the popup modal, select the Google Ads account and the XPO account you would like to allocate into.

    Allocate accounts modal.png

    Configure the payment mode to Self (if you would like to use your own payment profile) or Knorex.

    Config payment.png

  4. Click on Save.

To verify that you have successfully linked the two accounts, try creating a campaign in XPO. The newly linked Google Ad account name will appear under the Google Ads account section.

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