How To Create Or Add A New Google Ads Account In XPO

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Ensure that you have granted access to your My Client Center (MCC) before you proceed with the following.



  1. From Partner Admin dashboard, go to Integration > Manage Google Ads.

    Manage AW.png

  2. Under Manage Accounts tab, click +Google Ads Account.

    Click new GA.png

  3. In the popup modal, select the XPO Account, MCC Account, and Payment Profile information used for the new Google Ads account. Then name your Google Ads account and click Save.

    New GA account.png

    XPO will automatically link your XPO account to the newly created Google Ads account using your MCC Account details.

    To verify that you have successfully linked the two accounts, try creating a campaign in XPO. The newly linked Google Ads account name will show under the Google Ads Account section.

Why is the feature +Google Ads account beneficial?

Previously, you were required to create a new ad account on your MCC account and then invite/ provide access to the Knorex team to the ad account. You were then required to go to XPO to link the new ad account to the XPO platform or ask XPO Support to link them.

  • Now you only need to create the Google Ads account on XPO and all the steps (creation of ad account on Google Ads and linking) are not needed.
  • You are not required to give Knorex access to every newly created Google Ads account. This promotes independence on XPO with one-time admin access for all accounts.
  • We estimate saving around 24 hours to configure a Google Ads account that included manual steps/email communication, which is now redundant.

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