How To Grant XPO Access To My Client Center (MCC) Account

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The purpose of granting the access is to configure your MCC (My Client Center) account on XPO to allow you to fully utilize XPO features like:

  1. Creation of Google Search/Adwords ad accounts using XPO
  2. Google Search/Adwords page management
  3. Syncing of campaigns from Google Search/Adwords to your XPO accounts
  4. Syncing of Google Search/Adwords audiences



  • To grant admin access to your MCC account, you need to send your MCC ID to your Knorex Account Manager to request access.
  • Once your Account Manager sends a request to your MCC account, click Accept to grant the access request to "Knorex".

  • Your MCC access to XPO will be completed within an hour from the time you grant the above access.


  • To check the successful completion of these steps, you can go to your XPO Adwords Account Management dashboard and find the MCC account synced to XPO.




PROBLEM 1: If you see an error message "You have reached the maximum number of managers." is shown.


You are getting the error message because each manager account can only have 1 manager linked to it, therefore, you can either

  • Unlink the existing manager account and link Knorex Manager or
  • Link each of the Google Ads accounts directly to XPO.


PROBLEM 2: If you are getting an error message "The client would be linked more than once in hierarchy." is shown.

SOLUTION: This is because an individual ad account has been linked instead of a parent MCC account. To resolve, remove Knorex access at Account Level before linking to MCC Account.

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