How To Create Or Add a New Facebook Ad Account In XPO

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Ensure that you have granted access to your Facebook Business Manager (FBM) before you proceed with the following.

  1. Under the XPO partner dashboard, click Utility > Manage Facebook.

  2. Click Manage Accounts > +Facebook Account

  3. Select your existing XPO Partner Account > XPO Advertiser > Business Manager Account > name the new Facebook ad account > click Save. XPO will automatically link your XPO account to the newly created Facebook ad account based on your Business Manager account details.


Previously, you were required to create a new ad account on your FBM and then grant access to Knorex team to that ad account. Then, you will need to go into XPO to link that ad account to XPO or ask Knorex team to link the them up.

Now, all you need is:

  • create the Facebook ad account via XPO. The previous steps (i.e. creation of ad account on Facebook and linking) are no longer required.
  • also, you do not need to give Knorex access to every newly created Facebook ad account. This gives you the independence on XPO with a one time admin access for all accounts
  • We estimate saving around 24 hours to configure a Facebook ad account that included manual steps/email communication, which is now redundant.

Once you have created a new Facebook ad account, you should start running a campaign within 30 days, or else Facebook will disable your new ad account.

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