How To Set Up An Email Creative?

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Here's how Creative Testing and Approval Works In XPO.

Follow the steps below to create a Native (Email) ad creative:

  1. Under the Creative menu, click on +CREATIVE.
  2. Select Native

  3. Fill in Creative Info:
      • Creative Name: give creative a name you will remember and be able to quickly identify.
      • Advertiser: which can be selected from the dropdown list
      • Channel: choose either Web or Mobile
      • Where will this creative be displayed?: you need to create a separate creative for China. Otherwise, select Worldwide (excl. China)
      • Where do you want the users to go?: input website landing page that you wish to link to the ad
      • Start Date, Timezone, and End Date: the duration for which the ad will run
      • Will this creative end?: choose either yes or no
      • Third-party Trackers: key in the information in case you want to add more trackers to the ad

  4. Once done, click on Submit.
  5. Click on the creative you have just created from the Creative list under Creative tab, it will bring you inside the page of that creative, fill up the details.
  6. Fill up the details.
  7. Click Save to finish.

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