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With XPO, you can now design ads faster and easier using the built-in Knorex KAIROSsm AI Engine   for native ads generation to assist you in creating content-based native ads instead of having to manually create them.


How It Works

By keying in the target or advertiser's URL and the advertiser's name, KAIROS will analyze the destination URL and generate variants of headlines/body texts as well as images based on their visual appeal.



  1. Create your Native Content Ad
  2. Open the newly created Native Creative, and you will be presented with 2 methods to design your Native Content Ad:
    • (a) Manual: you will have to manually fill in all the necessary information.
    • (b) AI-Generated: using this will automatically generate unique ad copies using content from the destination URL.

      Here, we shall select the AI-Generated method to design the ad.



  3. Key in the compulsory fields:
      • Destination URL: valid URLs with HTTP or HTTPS.
      • Advertiser Name: alphanumeric values as well as special characters, with a maximum of 25 characters.
  4. Click Generate Ads. With the provided information, XPO will first analyze the content and will take up to 3 minutes to generate multiple unique ad copies.
  5. Once completed, you will be presented with 5 AI-generated ad variants. Click to expand each ad to view the details:



      • Headline: an attractive headline from the destination URL with a maximum of 25 characters. Select "Use Long headline" if you wish to extend the headline to a maximum of 60 characters (alphanumeric + special characters).


      • Text: the body text, with a maximum character limit of 90 (alphanumeric + special characters). 
      • CTA: the Call to Action button for the ad, with a maximum character limit of 15.
      • Image: the image populated based on AI API. You can edit/crop the image. You can also replace it by uploading a new image.
      • Logo: Logo of the advertiser that can be edited/ cropped.


  6. Preview the auto-populated and generated ads. Any edits made to them will be refreshed. 
    NOTE: if no ads are generated, there will be no preview available, you may have to try again or use another URL. 

  7. Save your Native Content Ad (NOTE: you will need to retain at least 1 ad variant to be able to click save. You may select all 5 ad variants too).


  • Once an ad is saved, you will not be able to change from AI-generated to Manual based Native ads. You would still be able to revise creative and design form such as the headline, body text, CTA, image, and logo.
  • If you wish to have different variations of the ad previews and ad variants, you can update the destination URL and click on Generate New Ads.
  • When you edit the main/parent ad, all the ad variants will inherit the changes. You can also separately edit each variant ad.
  • While editing the design form, you will not be able to delete any of the saved ad variants.
  • You can clone the Native ads. If you clone the main/parent ad, all the variant ads will be cloned too.
  • You can share links to the Native ads.
  • You can link the Native ad to Native and Email ad groups.

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