How Do I Use or Integrate with Google Firebase for My Mobile App?

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Before launching a Google Universal App Install Campaign (UAC) and Facebook App Install Campaigns you will need to register your app with Firebase. This is so that you can measure your app attributions (conversions). 

Firebase lets you track and measure your mobile apps. There are 60 ad networks supported by Firebase. They include:



Setup Your Mobile Apps & Firebase

      1. For Android Apps follow the steps from here.
      2. For iOS Apps follow the steps from here.
      3. Here is an example of events in Firebase once your apps are set up.

Steps To Connet Firebase & Your Adwords Ad Account

      1. Add your Adwords account to Firebase Project.

      2. Choose your ad account to link.

      3. Check Adwords link status.
    • From your Google Account, choose your ad account, open Tools and Settings → go to Linked Accounts.

    • Select Firebase. Under the Actions menu click on Link

    • Once done, you will be able to access Firebase services for this account.

    • Next, go to Conversions.

    • The Firebase events will be auto-recorded.


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