How To Bulk Update LinkedIn Ad Group And Targeting Options In XPO

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In XPO, you can bulk operate (i.e. add, remove or edit) targeting options for multiple ad groups all at once in a single step. 



    1. Under Ad Group section, select a campaign and one or more LinkedIn ad groups and their targeting options that you wish to update.  
    2. Click Edit and select the targeting options from the dropdown list. 


    3. Click Save to submit your bulk update requests to our automated system. A link will be shared for you to check the status of your bulk updates. It will take a few seconds to minutes for the review.

(a) Change Settings:


Here, you can change ad group(s) details:

      • Name
      • Start & end date
      • Budget
      • Bid strategy

(b) Change 
Audience Targeting:


These are the targeting options that you can change:

(i) Audience Segments

  • From the Audience option, select Audience Segments to add/edit/remove a segment for the selected LinkedIn ad groups.
  • The default audience list will be empty.
  • From the selected Ad groups in Step 1, you can now filter the ad group(s) for which you wish to add a particular audience segment(s) for and the changes will reflect for the selected ad groups only.
  • To include audiences or audience attributes, click on +Custom audience and +Audiences to get the list of all audiences created under this account. The tags will describe the type of audience segment.
  • To exclude audiences or audience attributes, click on +Exclude People and then +Custom audience or +Attributes.
  • Click on +Narrow Targeting if you wish to narrow down your targeting. This option will be disabled if there is no audience or attributes under Include People.
  • Update settings for Respective attributes added for Company names and Job titles. 



  • Enable Audience Expansion if required. This option will be disabled if the selected ad groups do not support expansion. 
  • Once you click Save Audience Targeting, a success message with a link will be displayed where you can view your bulk actions. Once your request is successfully processed, all changes will reflect in the ad group(s).



(ii) Geography / Geolocation

  • You can add/remove location(s) to multiple ad groups from here, and also deselect ad groups for a particular location.
  • When the selected ad groups have the same settings, you will have the option to select either "Recent or Permanent Location" or "Permanent Location". However, if the ad group settings are different, a "No Change" option will be shown. 



  • If you wish to make changes to "Recent or Permanent Location" or "Permanent Location", the edits will be applied to all selected ad groups.
  • You can search for locations by City, State, or Country. Exisitng and newly added locations will pop up in the list.
  • Specify whether you want to Include/Exclude your added location(s).



(iii) Ad Placements

  • Update ad placements for multiple ad groups from here.
  • Default placement list will be empty. 
  • Use LinkedIn Audience Network checkbox will be disabled if the any of the selected ad group does not support it. To use this option, the ad groups must support ad placement.


  • Once this is enabled, you will have two options:

    Exclude Categories

  • You can select categories where you do not want your ads to appear.
  • Click on +Categories to add to your excluded categories.
  • You can select or deselect any ad group for any particular category in the Excluded category list.



    Block Lists

  • To add a block list to ad group(s), LinkedIn will avoid serving your ads on apps and/or sites selected.
  • Upload CSV or TXT files of up to 20,000 website domains, iTunes App Store URLs, or Android play Store URLs that you wish to block.




  • Once edited, all selected ad groups will reflect the updated placements.



(c) Change Content Targeting:



Link Creatives

  • Link/unlink creative(s) for multiple ad groups here.
  • The + Link Creative list consists of all creatives created in the selected Account for the same LinkedIn Ad Account.
  • The list will also vary depending on the supported ad group objective.
  • The tag displayed will specify the type of creative name and format, as well as status along with the start and end date of the creative.
  • If the selected ad groups already have a few linked creatives, you can choose to unlink the same.


  • Opt for Optimize for performance or Rotate ads evenly, depending on your strategies. 



  • Bulk update targeting options will be made available only when ALL selected ad groups are LinkedIn ad groups. If not, the below error will pop up.

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