What Is The Difference Between Insight And Attribution Report?

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Check out Insight Report, Attribution Report, and Terminology and Reporting Metrics used in XPO Report.

  Insight Reports Attribution Reports
Overview  Insight report provides you with campaign performance data, e.g. total impressions, total clicks, click-through rate, etc., and views the performance breakdown by different dimensions e.g. creatives, cities, platforms, exchanges, sites, devices, etc.

Attribution report provides conversion-related data including the types of conversions, touchpoints, transaction-related data, and more. The idea of using attribution and the different models (see below), is to assign due credit for the conversion events that happen at the various marketing touchpoints along a consumer’s journey.

  • Attributed refers to conversions that are directly generated from all Knorex served campaign creatives for all channels (must include Knorex pixel, ad tags).
  • Unattributed refers to conversions generated either organically or from different DSP vendors that a client has integrated with. Knorex is one of their vendors but the conversion is not attributed to our pixel.

To match, understand, and compare metrics directly with your Facebook, Google Adwords, and LinkedIn platform.

  • To understand the performance from the different channels, and to pull additional conversion parameters.
  • To analyze cross-channel performance. 
Attribution Models Used
  • Last click model where the lookback window is based on your campaign (ad group) settings. Here either the same channel or cross channel, whichever captures the last conversion will be recorded.
  • Insight Reports uses the Assisted Model where only whole numbers like 1, 2, 4, 5 … n are displayed and never in decimals.
Attribution Models include:
  • Single-Touch Models
  • Multi-Touch Models

Learn about the different types here.

  • The look-back window here is set to use 30 days.

Source where Conversion Numbers are Derived

Conversion numbers from proprietary, closed platforms like Facebook, Google Search, LinkedIn, etc. are directly populated into XPO using their supplied APIs respectively to maintain consistency across such platforms and XPO.  Conversion numbers are tracked and populated using Knorex industry-standard ad server and pixel.
Programmatic Conversion numbers
  • Conversion numbers should match 99.9% between the two reports.
  • Once the report is downloaded, the individual campaign, ad group, and creative conversion numbers will tally with the overall/ total sum of conversion numbers.
  • The creative sum numbers should add up to the ad group numbers and ad group numbers to their respective campaign numbers.
  • All other categories including audiences, exchanges, sites, geo, etc. will not tally to the total sum as they have separate trigger settings.
  • Conversion numbers should match 99.9% between the two reports.
  • If your campaign metrics for Conversions are higher than the Click-throughs, it indicates that the same prospect visited the tracked webpage multiple times but he/she clicked on the ad only once. This deduplication happens daily and can be removed once you download the manual raw report.

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