How To Sync LinkedIn Audiences Into XPO

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If you have existing audiences created in your LinkedIn Campaign Manager, you can bring over such audiences from LinkedIn into XPO by a process of audience syncing. 

  1. From Partner Dashboard, select Utility and then Manage LinkedIn

  2. You will be directed to the LinkedIn Account Management under XPO Admin Dashboard. Go to the specific LinkedIn ad account that you want to sync the audience. Click Actions >> Sync Audiences.
    • You will see a list of audiences associated with that LinkedIn ad acount. Click on the checkbox to sync the audience over into XPO. Otherwise, if the checkbox is ticked/checked, that means the audience has been allocated to XPO.
    • Click Save to proceed.

  3. The allocated/synced audiences will now be shown under Audience in your XPO dashboard as well as on the LinkedIn ad group audience page.

After you have synced the audience from LinkedIn to XPO, you should operate directly on XPO and any change will be carried over to LinkedIn via their API. However, if you were to make any change/edit on LinkedIn, the changes WILL NOT propagate to XPO; you will have to repeat the syncing process as described above.

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