How Do I Generate "My Report"?

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  1. Under Reports menu, click My Reports and + REPORT


  2. Fill in the below details
    • Report Name
    • Report Time Zone: set up the time zone you wish for your reports
    • Report Interval: You can set up an automated schedule to receive your reports. Set the Report Schedule by choosing how frequent you would like to receive your report:
      • Now
      • Specific Date / Time
      • Daily
      • Weekly
      • Monthly
    • Select Advertiser: select one or more from the dropdown list
    • Select Campaign: select one or more from the dropdown list
    • Schedule: schedule the report daily, weekly, etc.
    • Recipients: Multiple email address can be entered
    • Fields: select metrics for the report as per your requirement

  3. Click on Save. A download link for your customized report will be sent to the recipients.

See here for explanation on the terminology and metrics used in XPO Report

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