How To Embed XPO Conversion Pixel On To Website

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  • Try to embed a tracking script into your website to be tracked at least 1 month in advance to start the collection of user data before you start your campaign.
  • You may want to embed remarketing pixel too. Refer to the article on How Do I Embed XPO Remarketing Pixel on to My Website?.


EXAMPLE SCENARIO: You are hosting an art event where you want to track users at different steps of your booking pages until a user reaches the final booking page i.e. Thank You page.

  1. Create a conversion goal
  2. Add funnel (All the steps which need to be tracked through the conversion pixels)
  3. Create a Conversion Goal with the name Booking
  4. Add funnel/steps as in this scenario Billing info→  Review Summary→ Thank you
  5. Download the conversion pixel and place the respective tags in each page (Billing, Summary and Thank you) page in the <body> section

  6. Need to place the Billing info pixel in the Billing URL. This will help us to track users who have added the product to the cart and landed in the billing page


  7. Need to place the Review Summary pixel on the checkout page. This will help us to track users who have filled the billing details however may or may not have completed the booking.

  8. In the last step, we need to place the thank you pixels in the final page to track users who have completed the booking and got converted.

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