How To View LinkedIn Forecasted Results In XPO?

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LinkedIn Forecasted Results provides a forecast of your potential campaign performance so that you can have a gauge of your campaign potential.

The forecasted results provide an estimate of:

  • Target audience size
  • Breakdown of the target audience by segment
  • Projected spend
  • Projected number of impressions
  • Projected number of clicks
  • Estimates for the key results related to your selected Objective

In XPO, LinkedIn Forecasted Results is made available in the Estimated Results panel under the ad group dashboard for new and existing ad groups. Expired ad groups/campaigns will not have any estimated results shown, and will be indicated as N/A.




Understanding How Your LinkedIn Ad Group is Forecasted

  1. To get the forecast, XPO analyzes your campaign's bid, budget, targeting, start/end dates, etc. with similar campaigns and advertisers.
  2. XPO then simulates the ad auction to generate the estimates.
    • It is important to note that forecasted results are an estimation and XPO does not guarantee the actual performance of your campaign.
    • The Estimated Results that are shown in XPO are obtained directly from LinkedIn.
  3. Once you create your LinkedIn ad group and launch it, the Estimated Results will populate on the right top corner. These are the information shown: 
    1. Target audience size: The number of unique member accounts that fit your targeting criteria. As your campaign serves ads, the number of member accounts that you reach will be lower than the target audience size.
    2. Impressions: Indicates the projected number of times your ad is shown.
    3. CTR: Indicates the projected number of chargeable clicks on your ad, divided by the projected number of impressions served.
    4. Clicks: Indicates the projected number of chargeable clicks on your ad.
    5. Engagements: Indicates the projected number of chargeable actions on your ad. This is supported only when your Objective selected is Engagement.
    6. Video views: Indicates the projected number of times your video is viewed. This is supported only when your Objective selected is Video Views.
    7. Reach: Indicates the projected average number of times each member account is shown an ad in your campaign during that time period. This is supported only when your Optimization goal is selected as Reach.
  4. All the forecasted numbers vary based on your target audience, schedule, budget, etc.
  5. Estimated Result key metrics will be based on your selected objective and its respective optimization goal as below:


  • Estimated Results will show immediately after you have created your LinkedIn ad group.
  • Under NOTE, XPO shows the number of days your estimation is based on.
  • If you edit an ad group and change any settings, Estimated Results will show based on the new settings.

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