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A LinkedIn Saved Audience allows you to save and group together different targeting options like multiple custom audiences created previously, audience attributes such as company, job experience, education, demographics, interests and traits, and finally locations - all under a single audience segment to assist in your ad group targeting strategies in LinkedIn.


In XPO, you can sync over to use this LinkedIn audience to your campaigns. There are 2 key steps:


STEP 1: Create LinkedIn Saved Audience In XPO

  1. Go to Audience >  Audience Segments, click +Audience button.
  2. Key in details such as audience name, choose your advertiser (default one will be selected or choose from multiple accounts. Once selected, it cannot be edited, and you will have to redo), and select the type of Linked Audience. Here, select Saved Audience.

  3. Select your LinkedIn account to link to your XPO account for your audience segment if you have multiple accounts, otherwise an ad account will be auto-selected.
  4. Select one or more Rule Groups for your new Saved Audience Segment. The 3 options are:

        • Profile Language: Select a language from the dropdown list
        • Detailed Targeting: Select a custom audience(s) and audience attributes from here. You can Narrow down your targeting and also add to your Exclude list of people. While editing, you can add/remove custom audiences or attributes, narrow the targeting, and Exclude people too
        • Geo-locations: Adding at least one Included location in this segment is mandatory. Search for specific locations and add them by selecting from the suggested locations based on your search. You can include or exclude geo-locations too. While editing, you can add/remove, include/exclude locations.
  5. Save your segment. Next, we will proceed to link it to your LinkedIn Ad Groups for targeting.


STEP 2: Link the LinkedIn Saved Audience to LinkedIn Ad Groups

  1. Once you have successfully saved your new audience, you can link it to all LinkedIn Ad Groups, from either

  2. Click on + Saved and all LinkedIn Saved Audiences that were created using the same LinkedIn ad account as the campaign should be listed.

  3. You can only link one Saved Audience to one ad group. You can change the Saved Audience by selecting a different Saved Audience.

  4. Once you add a Saved Audience to the ad group, the existing Audience and geo-location targeting will get replaced by the selected Saved Audience.

  5. Saved Audience will be deselected if you make any edits to the Audience or geo-location targeting options.


  • Once you have successfully saved the new audience, you can view it under the audience segment list and the type will be shown as LinkedIn >> Saved.


  • You can edit and delete Saved Audiences.
  • You cannot share these segments across accounts and will not be able to create lookalike audiences for them.
  • These audiences will not have a lookback window and will appear as N/A in XPO.
  • If any edits are made to the audiences in XPO, the changes will be reflected directly on LinkedIn, but not vice versa. (i.e. if you make changes to LinkedIn, it will not be propagated to XPO unless you explicitly sync it)
  • If you have an existing saved audience directly linked to your LinkedIn Campaign Manager, you can sync and allocate the audiences from LinkedIn into XPO. Learn how to sync LinkedIn Audiences in XPO.

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