How To Import First-Party Data From Oracle Data Cloud (ODC) Into XPO

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  • This feature is only applicable to Programmatic (Connected TV/OTT, Video, Display, Native, Audio and Email) campaigns.
  • For use of Oracle Data Cloud with Facebook, contact Knorex Customer Success.

XPO is integrated with Oracle Data Cloud - BlueKai Data Management Platform (LDM)  , which is primarily the source for third-party data as provided by Oracle. This article focuses on Oracle Data Cloud  , specifically on using first-party data. You can deliver/export your audience data that you have created in ODC into XPO by using the ODC app. Learn about the difference between first- and third-party data.


Benefits of Importing ODC Data into XPO:

  • Use XPO to create audiences from your first-party data that you have hosted with Oracle Data Cloud (ODC) and link the audiences with Programmatic campaigns in XPO so that you can market across a variety of programmatic marketing channels.
  • Drive engagement from your best customers and find new valuable prospects by tapping on third-party data to extend your coverage.
  • Understand the full impact of your marketing spend via XPO insight reports so that you can make informed decisions on your marketing investment via enrichment of your data through the use of third-party data.
  • Enrich your first-party data by combining it with third-party data to produce richer and wider yet relevant audience segments for highly effective campaigns. You get to optimize on the relevant target audiences.



  1. Log in to your ODC account at  to install the ODC app  and type in Knorex's ODC account ID (You can request this ID from Knorex Customer Success).
    • ODC app lets you export the audience data from the ODC platform to the app partner's platform (here, it will be XPO) so that you can use the audience data beyond ODC.
    • You will need to type in Knorex's account ID under ODC's App Account Information section. The information entered in this section will be automatically included in all audience deliveries into XPO.
  2. Create one or more audiences on the ODC platform.
    • In this step, you can create, configure, and deliver the audiences to App partner's platform like XPO. Each audience created will be assigned a unique audience ID.
    • You can configure audiences to target exactly the users that you want and then select delivery platforms to deliver the audiences.
    • Use this guide to help you create the audience.  
  3. Deliver/export the audiences  from ODC to the ODC app to start using the audiences in XPO.
    • Your target audiences are mapped to XPO once they are delivered.
    • Data delivery starts when the audience delivery becomes active.
    • From ODC, you will receive the audience name and an audience ID.
  4. Share the audience name and audience ID with your Knorex Customer Success.
    • The particular audience will be assigned to the respective Partner Account, and ready to be used for campaign targeting.

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