How Do I Create An Audio Campaign In XPO?

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  • This feature is currently available on a LIMITED LAUNCH. Please contact your Account Manager for details if you would like to use it. 
  • This feature is only applicable to Programmatic Channel campaigns. 

Audio ads enable marketers to connect with audiences during screen-free moments in their homes, at work, or when they are out of the home. Audio ads provide an immersive and different engagement experience through various devices, including desktop, mobile, and tablet. 

Audio ads are traded programmatically using a similar method to display/native advertising, Connected TV, OTT, and video, where Audio ads are traded and inserted into audio contents of audio publishers through automated technology as a pre-roll, mid-roll, or post-roll of an audio or podcast.

pre-roll.gif mid-roll.gif post-roll.gif


1. Quick Set Up a Programmatic Campaign

2. Create an Audio Ad Group

  • Key in your budget cap and daily cap for the ad group and set your pacing and bid strategy. Under ad group settings, you can choose your bid strategy as Manual (Base bid/ Max bid) or Automatic.
Automatic Bid Value
Audio View Minimize CPV
Click Minimize CPC
Click-Through Rate Maximize CTR
Conversion Minimize CPA
Install Minimize CPI


  • Select your ad group targeting options.
Targeting Option Description
Exchange List The list of exchanges supported will be shown on the UI by default. You can opt to add/remove.
PMP Deals The list of active deals will be shown on the UI by default.
Audience Add your first-party and/or third-party audiences.
Day & Time Schedule your ad group. Select when you wish to run your ad group and whether you want to opt for advertiser or user time zone.
Demographics Select the age and gender of your target audience.
  • It is mandatory to select at least one geolocation by inputting the latitude/longitude, street address, postal code, city, or country (default will be the account location). 
  • You can import geolocation for the ad group.
  • You can choose to Include/Exclude your added locations and adjust the bid for them too.
Apps & Sites Target specific apps and sites.
Brand Safety Add a brand safety segment for your ad group.
Creatives Link your audio and third-party audio creatives (detailed explanation in step 3).
Frequency Cap Add any of these options available for your new audio ad group targeting.
Mobile Add your preferred device options which include device OS, device modal, and/or device type.
Technology Add Connections, Environments, etc. 


  • Once saved, your audio ad group will be available on the dashboard to view.

3. Create an Audio Ad

  • From the Creative dashboard, go to + Creative.
  • Fill in the creative form for your new audio creative.

  • Name your creative, your advertiser will be auto-selected, and choose your Audio ad type.
  • XPO currently supports two types of audio ads:

    1. Audio Ad

    2. Third-Party Audio Ad (i.e. audio ad that is created outside of XPO on other platform such as Google or Facebook, where you can import them into XPO via XML format for execution)

  • Fill in the destination of your creative "Where will this creative be displayed"?
  • Key in the destination URL and is a mandatory field.
  • Add Impression or Click trackers to your creative form. You can add up to 10 valid trackers.
  • Schedule your creative by including a start and end date.

4. Design an Audio Ad Creative

Open the saved creative (audio ad or third party audio ad) to design your creative. Click on Design creative to launch XPO Designer.

(a) For Audio Ad Type

  • Double Click on Audio Banner > Audio modal to upload your audio. 
  • After selecting an audio, click on Use Audio to start processing it, and will then be displayed on the UI.
  • Click on Campanion Banner if you wish to upload an image, in JPEG or PNG format.
  • Upload an audio file with the audio length of 30 seconds or less. Maximum file size is 1MB and it should only in MP3, M4A, or WAV format.
  • Supported types include audio/ogg, audio/mpeg, audio/mp3, audio/aac, audio/wav, audio/mp2, audio/m4a, audio/wma, audio/flac.

(b) For Third-Party Audio Ad Type

  • Click on Audio Banner to upload your third-party XML file format script (Example: Click Here) for your audio ad.

  • Once you upload this file, from General > VAST link, click on Validate.

  • XPO designer will prompt whether the uploaded file is valid or not.

Preview your ads before you click Publish to process the ad creative design. Once the files are processed, your new creative can be viewed on the creative dashboard under the Review status.


Creative Approval / Rejection

  • Within 10 minutes after you have published and submitted your creative to Knorex's Automated Quality Assurance System for review and approval, if the creative is:

    • APPROVED, the status will automatically switch to Ready. You can then link the creative to the respective Audio Ad Group;  OR

    • REJECTED, it will take up to 1 business day for a manual review.
      • For rejected audio ads, you can resubmit for re-approval.
      • If you require urgent approval, you can email us at for a priority review and approval.


  • You can add Tracking URLs to the audio ad using XPO Designer.
  • You can only link audio ad creatives to audio ad groups only, and not other type of ad group.
  • Just like other ad formats, you can archive, edit, pause, resume, and/ or clone audio ad creatives and ad groups across accounts.

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