How To Bulk Update Facebook Ad Group And Targeting Options

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In XPO, you can bulk operate (i.e. add, remove or edit) targeting options for multiple ad groups all at once in a single step.



    1. Ad Group dashboard > select a campaign and then select one or more Facebook ad groups and their targeting options that you wish to update.  
    2. Click Edit. The dropdown list provides you with various targeting options (a) Settings, (b) Audience, (c) Technology, and (d) Content.
    3. Click Save to submit your bulk update requests to our automated system. A link will be shared for you to check the status of your bulk updates. It will take a few seconds to minutes for the review.

A. Settings: Change Ad Group Settings

Here, you can change ad group(s) details:

      • Name
      • Start & end date
      • Budget
      • Spend limit
      • Bid strategy
      • Bid value and
      • Billing events

B. Audience: Change Targeting Audience

These are the targeting options that you can change:

(i) Audience Segments

  • From the Audience option, select Audience Segments to add/edit/remove a segment for the selected Facebook ad groups.
  • Click on +Audiences to get the list of all audiences created under this account. The tags will describe the type of audience segment.


  • From the selected Ad groups in Step 1, you can now filter the ad group(s) for which you wish to add a particular audience segment(s) for and the changes will reflect for the selected ad groups only.
  • You can Include / Exclude the segments accordingly.


(ii) Day & Time

  • Update the day and time for multiple ad groups here.
  • When your selected ad groups are on a Daily Budget and/or Campaign Budget Optimization mode, the option to Run ads on schedule will be disabled.
  • When your selected ad groups are on a Lifetime Budget mode, you can opt to Run ads on schedule.
  • Opt for either All days or Working hours, the changes of which will reflect on the selected ad groups.


(iii) Age & Gender

  • Update the age and gender for multiple ad groups here.
  • You can select the age range from 13 up to 65+.
  • You can select gender as All, Male, or Female.


(iv) Detailed Targeting (Demographics, Interests and Behaviors)

  • Update Interests, Behaviors, and Demographics for multiple ad groups here.
  • You can choose to Include and/or Exclude audiences for the selected ad groups.
  • You can opt to Narrow down the target audiences.
  • Targeting Expansion option is also available for the selected ad groups.


(v) Geography / Geolocation

  • You can add/remove location(s) to multiple ad groups from here. There must be at least one location added.
  • You can import geo-lists, which were created using Facebook as a channel.
  • Options to select Everyone in this location, People who live in this location, etc. can be selected to update geo-targeting.
  • Specify whether you want to Include/Exclude your added location(s).


(vi) Ad Placements

  • Update ad placements for multiple ad groups from here.
  • Select either Automatic Placements or Custom Placements (all devices, mobile-only, or desktop only). Once edited, all selected ad groups will reflect the updated placements.


C. Technology: Change Targeting Option


(i) Devices

  • Update device settings for multiple ad groups from here.
  • If the selected ad groups do not have a specific device setting, by default, all devices will be selected for the ad groups.
  • You can select options - All Mobile Devices, Android Devices only, iOS Devices only, or Features Phones only.
  • You can Include/Exclude selected devices for the ad groups.
  • Option to enable devices connected to wifi only is available.




D. Content: Change Targeting Option


Link Creatives

  • Link/unlink creative(s) for multiple ad groups here.
  • The + Link Creative list consists of all creatives created in the selected Account for the same Facebook Ad Account and Facebook Page.
  • The list will also vary depending on the supported campaign objective.
  • The tag displayed will specify the type of creative format, along with the start and end date of the creative.
  • If the selected ad groups already have a few linked creatives, you can choose to unlink the same.



  • Update languages for multiple ad groups here.
  • If the selected ad groups have few languages selected, you can choose to remove them.
  • Add new languages manually which will then reflect in the selected ad groups.



  • Bulk update targeting options will be made available only when ALL selected ad groups are Facebook ad groups. If not, the below error will pop up.
  • If Facebook ad groups belong to a special ad category campaign, the non-supported targeting options will not be available to edit. For instance, some interests or behaviors may not be supported.

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