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Before you can launch an ad campaign in XPO, you will need to have credits (or budget) available in your Advertiser account.

You must be either a Partner Admin or a System Admin to have sufficient user permission to be able to top up credits (or allocate budget).


Instructions to top up

You can top up credits into an Advertiser Account through 2 methods:


(1) via XPO Dashboard

a) Log in to the Advertiser Account that you wish to top up credits, and from the menu, click on USD and then Buy.

Diagram showing the permission for each role/account type


b) There are 3 (payment) methods that are available under the Credits Top-up dashboard.

(A) Credit Card

  1. Key in your account and payment details, and click Next.
  2. Confirm your details before your credit card is charged.
  3. Once the payment is successfully deducted from your card, the top-up credits will be reflected immediately in your XPO account.


(B) Bank Transfer or Online Payment

  • Key in your top-up amount, reference ID (quotation number with signed documents), and choose your payment method (ie. Bank Transfer OR Online (Payment)). An invoice will be sent to you for your payment. In the case of bank transfer, your requested top-up amount will only be credited upon successful receipt of payment through the designated bank account.



(C) Credit Request

  • Key in your credit request, reference ID (quotation number with signed documents), and click Next.
  • Confirm the details before submitting your request. 
  • The requested credits will be granted upon successful review. This method assumes that you have a post-paid arrangement with your agency or Knorex.

  • The status will remain unpaid until payment is received and approved for that Advertiser Account. Contact your Knorex Account/Customer Service Manager for more details.


(2) via XPO Partner Dashboard

a) From your Partner Dashboard, click Credits > Add Account Credit.


b) You will be directed to XPO Admin Dashboard. Click Credits > +Add Credits.


If you have balance credits under your Partner Account and wish to allocate portion of it to an Advertiser Account, click on +Add Account Credits (for prepaid account).

  • Otherwise, click on (ii) Send Invoice (for postpaid account); or (iii) Request Credits and complete the form accordingly.

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