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In XPO, you have the option to bulk upload extensions by importing multiple Search extensions within a single step. This is done by uploading a CSV file under your Creative list.

The types of Search Extensions supported for bulk uploading include:

  • Sitelink Extension
  • CallOut Extension
  • Price Extension
  • Structured Snippet Extension
  • Call Extension
  • App Extension


        1. From the Menu: Creative > select Bulk Upload > click on Bulk Upload Search Extensions.

        2. The Advertiser and Adwords Account will be auto-selected. If you have multiple linked accounts, select the preferred account from the dropdown list.
        3. Creative type allows you to select the type of extension creative. Once you select your Creative type, you will be able to successfully upload only that type of extension. Below we elaborate on each Creative Type
          Click here under point 5. Search Ads (Google) to view the supported Search Extension formats with sample images.

        4. Download the CSV template.
          • XPO allows you to download all of the 6 extension templates from this step. See below for more information on these templates. However, as mentioned in step 3, only the selected creative type can be uploaded.
          • The additional downloaded templates can be for future use.

        5. Click Upload and then Save. You can now link the extension creatives individually, in any Search campaign or ad group under the selected account from step 2.
          • The uploaded CSV file only works with a valid format. If a mandatory field is incomplete, XPO will prompt an error by displaying the accepted rows and rejected rows.
          • You can proceed to upload the file with the errors as well, but the rows with errors will be automatically removed.


      Templates for Search Ad Extensions

              • Guidelines will be displayed for each extension type.
              • You are required to add a campaign name to the CSV file. If you do not add an ad group(s) name to the same file, the extensions will be linked to all ad groups under the given campaign name.
              • Templates are specific to the type of Search Extensions you wish to bulk upload. Click on any of the below extension options:

      (a) SiteLink Extension

              • Mandatory fields: sitelink text and final URL
              • Non Mandatory fields: description 1, description 2, and extension scheduling (start date & end date).
              • You have the option to add data for tracking template, custom parameters, and mobile final URL.
              • For sitelink extensions, you can add a maximum of 20 sitelink texts.

      (b) CallOut Extension

              • The action column is to add and/or remove the CallOut text in the extension.
              • A separate CallOut text column is in the template. You can add a maximum of 20 CallOut texts in the template.

      (c) Price Extension

              • Mandatory fields: language, type, currency, and at least 3 price items which include a header, price, description, and a final URL.
              • You can add a maximum of 8 price items per extension.
              • Non Mandatory fields: mobile final URL, the price per unit & extension schedule.

      (d) Structured Snippet Extension

              • Mandatory fields: header type & structured snippet values.
              • Values are added in the file separated with a semi-colon. You can add a maximum of 10 values per structured snippet.
              • Non Mandatory fields: device preference and extension scheduling.

      (e) Call Extension

              • Mandatory fields: country and phone number.
              • Non Mandatory fields: call reporting, conversion action, device preference, and extension scheduling.
              • Call tracking is only supported for specific countries.

      (f) App Extension

              • Mandatory fields: mobile app’s platform, mobile app, and link text.
              • Non Mandatory fields: final URL, device preferences, tracking template, final URL suffix, and custom parameters.


          • It is mandatory for at least one row to be entered before uploading the template
          • You can upload a maximum of 10,000 creatives (rows) per CSV file
          • Character limit will be validated for Headlines & Descriptions once you upload the file; so please adhere to the character limit. You can follow the Google Ad Formats General Guidelines and extension-specific details here.
          • You can edit, clone, and archive any of the Search Extensions you create
          • You can link and unlink imported Search Extensions into Search ad groups

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