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Besides launching Google Ads (Search) and Facebook Ads, you can do that too with LinkedIn Ads. To get started, link your LinkedIn Campaign Manager Account    to your XPO Advertiser Account and you can start launching LinkedIn campaigns from within XPO.

LinkedIn Campaign Manager is an ad management tool that lets you create, launch, and analyze the performance of your LinkedIn ad campaigns. Here are the supported LinkedIn ad formats.


Before You Start 

Connect Your LinkedIn Account to XPO

To start, link your LinkedIn Campaign Manager to XPO so that you can create one or more LinkedIn ad accounts using XPO.

  1. Create a LinkedIn Ad Account from Campaign Manager  .
  2. Select your existing account or create a new account. You are now ready to create new campaigns from your LinkedIn Ad Manager.

    LI account.png

  3. Once the LinkedIn Ad Manager setup is completed, you will need to link the account into XPO Admin Dashboard. Request your Knorex Account/Customer Success Manager to manage the LinkedIn Business Manager (BM) by importing the BM Account into XPO. 

  4. You will receive a pop-up message that an Account has been successfully imported into XPO. You can now link the account to your Partner Account.


Granting Account and Page Permission to User

(A) To LinkedIn Account

You will need to grant ACCOUNT MANAGER or CAMPAIGN MANAGER permission to the user account (that is linking XPO and LinkedIn) in order to have sufficient permission to access your ad account and edit/manage LinkedIn campaigns.

LI account.png


(B) To LinkedIn Page

In LinkedIn Pages, there are two types of LinkedIn admin roles: Page Admin and Paid Media Admin.

User needs Paid Media Admin access with 2 given permissions: (1) Sponsored content poster and (2) Lead gen forms manager for minimal access.

LI page.png



1. Quick Launch a new campaign

Learn how to quick launch a new campaign.

Select LinkedIn as your channel.

  • LinkedIn’s objective-based advertising program allows you to create campaigns in XPO based on your marketing goals.
  • LinkedIn supports 7 types of campaign objectives to enable full-funnel marketing coverage from the awareness stage to consideration and finally conversion. Currently, XPO supports 6 objectives. 
Campaign Objectives LinkedIn Terminology XPO Terminology
Brand Awareness Brand Awareness Brand Awareness
  • Website Visits
  • Engagement
  • Video Views
  • Traffic
  • Post Engagement
  • Video Views
  • Lead Generation
  • Website Conversions
  • Job Applicants
  • Lead Generation
  • Conversions
  • Job Applicants (coming soon)


  • Select the Advertiser and linked Ad Account from the list, for which you wish to create this campaign for.
  • Customize the campaign's timezone from the default account timezone and schedule it.
  • Set your campaign budgets that will serve as a limit for the cumulative total of all ad group budgets within the LinkedIn campaign. The campaign budget is mandatory and required to create and run an ad group in XPO.


2. Create LinkedIn ad groups

To run a LinkedIn campaign using XPO, you will need to create an ad group(s) to represent the trading ideas or strategies that you would like to execute.


  1. Create a new LinkedIn ad group.
  2. Select a LinkedIn ad format.(See LinkedIn ad formats supported in XPO.)

    Select the type of ad you wish to run on LinkedIn and this is a mandatory field.

    • These ad formats will be based on the objectives selected at the campaign level (see Step 2).
    • Once you select the ad formats, you will only be able to link that specific ad format creative to this ad group. 
    • The type of ad formats cannot be changed once selected and saved.
    Objectives Supported Ad Format/Type
    Brand Awareness
    • Single image ad
    • Video ad
    • Text ad
    Website Visits
    • Single image ad
    • Video ad
    • Text ad
    • Single image ad
    • Video ad
    Video Views
    • Video Ad
    Lead Generation
    • Single image ad
    • Video ad
    Website Conversion
    • Single image ad
    • Video ad
  3. Add your budget details.

    Ad group budget cap must be lower than the budget set at the campaign level (explained in point 2(b)). You have 3 options for setting ad group budgets:

    • Daily Budget Cap: This is the maximum spend limit per day. The minimum daily budget for LinkedIn ad groups is usually US$10.
    • Lifetime Budget: The total amount of budget that your ad group will spend throughout its lifetime schedule. This budget here will be paced to reach the optimal performance for the ad group.
    • Both Daily and Lifetime Budget: By combining these two, you have control over the daily pace as well as the total spend of the ad group. When you select this option, you will be able to set only a continuous campaign schedule, with no end date. This is because the ad group will end once the lifetime budget amount is completed.
  4. Select your bidding strategy.

    LinkedIn bid types are aligned to the objective that you selected at the campaign level and vary by the ad format chosen at the ad group level. 

    Bid Type How The Strategy Works & How Budget is Utilized Benefits Campaign Objective & Bid Optimization Goal
    Maximum Delivery (Automated) XPO automatically bids to deliver the best results with efficient budget allocations
    • No bid management
    • Improved ROI at full budget with smooth delivery
    • Brand Awareness - impressions
    • Website Visits - link clicks & landing page clicks
    • Engagement - clicks on ad, landing page clicks, social action + LinkedIn page follows
    • Video Views - video views
    • Lead Generation - lead generation submissions
    • Website Conversions - conversions/landing page clicks

    Target Cost Delivers your target ROI by setting a target cost per key result. Here, the budget is utilized based on the target cost

    Strategy for scaling budget and optimizes based on your target cost

    • Brand Awareness - impressions (CPM)
    • Website Visits - landing page clicks (CPC)
    • Engagement - clicks on ad, landing page clicks, social action + LinkedIn page follows (CPC)
    • Video Views - video views (CPV)
    Manual Bidding
    Here, you specify the maximum amount you are willing to bid for. Budget is used based on the bid Maximum control over bid
    • Brand Awareness - impressions (max CPM)
    • Website Visits - landing page clicks (max CPC), impressions (max CPM)
    • Engagement - engagement clicks (max CPC), impressions (max CPM)
    • Video Views - video views (max CPV), impressions (max CPM)
    • Lead Generation - lead generation submissions or clicks (max CPC), impressions (max CPM)
    • Website Conversions - conversions or clicks (max CPC), impressions (max CPM)
  5. Select your targeting strategies. 

    Get your ad messages in front of the right people and increase engagement with LinkedIn's targeting strategies.


    Targeting Description
    • The audience size will vary depending on which language you select here. English will be the default selected language.
    • Your ad creative copy will be in the selected language.
    • Once the profile language is selected, it cannot be changed.

    Geo Location
    • Location targeting is a mandatory field. It will be based on the permanent locations specified in the user profiles and/or by their IP address for short-term visits.
    • You have the option to select either a Recent or Permanent location from the dropdown.
    • You can type out a specific location and select from the options that will populate.
    • Locations can also be excluded from your target by enabling the exclude button.
    • Your XPO account location will be the default selected location.

    Detailed Targeting 


    These are a set of targeting capabilities that gives you the unique ability to combine LinkedIn's powerful professional data with your first-party data to reach the right audience on LinkedIn.

    • This is NOT a mandatory field.
    • To include audience or audience attributes, select +Custom (coming soon), or +Attributes. This increases your audience size.

    • To exclude audience or audience attributes, click on +Exclude People and then +Custom (coming soon) or + Attributes. This decreases your audience size. You can also click on Narrow Audience Further (coming soon), to decrease the size.

    • To narrow your audience, you can click on +Narrow Targeting (coming soon).
    • XPO prompts you with a message Audience Too Narrow to alert you to refine audience size before you click save. 
    Audience Attributes

    To build your target audiences based on their professional attributes, you can select the below options and expand them further for a more detailed target:

    • Company
    • Demographics
    • Education
    • Job Experience
    • Interest and Traits
    Audience Expansion

    If you enable this option you can increase your LinkedIn campaign reach by showing your ad to audiences with similar attributes as your selected target audience attributes.


    For your LinkedIn campaign, you can choose where to position your ads on LinkedIn to reach more people. This is done at the XPO ad group level. 


    • You will have to enable LinkedIn Audience Network. Once enabled, you can extend the reach of Sponsored Content campaigns by delivering the ads beyond the LinkedIn feed. Your ads will reach out to members on third-party apps and sites. The bid type, targeting parameters, and budget remain unchanged. 
    • This targeting option is available only if your creative format is a single image ad or video ad format.
    • Placements will NOT be available for one campaign objective - Lead Generation.
    • You can also opt to exclude certain IAB publishers' sites and apps to avoid showing your ads on them. Click on +Categories to do so.

    • This can either be done by selecting +Categories and/or by uploading a CSV or TXT custom blocklist files. The blocklist can hold up to 20,000 website domains, iTunes App Store URLs, and Android Play Store URLs. XPO takes 48 hours to process this file, which then can be used for other campaigns too.

    • Sponsored Content (coming soon) appears both on LinkedIn feed and across trusted, third-party publishers apps and sites to all members within your target audience.
    • LinkedIn automatically optimizes Sponsored Content ads (coming soon) for better professional engagement.


3. Create LinkedIn creatives using XPO

  1. In a New Creative, fill up the details and select the LinkedIn Ad Account that you will be using and select LinkedIn Ads. Next, you can build your creative.
  2. For Single Image Creatives, you can provide a destination URL and Scrape it, helping to gather data from the given website such as headline, image, and description. This helps to auto-fill your creative design form.
  3. You can link/unlink creatives from your LinkedIn Ad Group.
  4. Save and publish you campaign to launch your LinkedIn campaign using XPO. Voila!


4. View campaign reports

  • In your Insight Reports, you will be able to analyze the performance of your LinkedIn campaigns, ad groups, and creatives.
  • You can generate a link or send an email of the report to recipients.
  • From My Reports, you can also customize your report by selecting the LinkedIn campaign.


5. Tracking LinkedIn conversions in XPO

Conversion tracking will analyze the actions your prospects take after clicking or viewing the LinkedIn ad.

  • Create Conversion Goals for your LinkedIn campaign.
  • To apply conversion tracking to your campaigns, LinkedIn Insight Tag on your website will be auto-enabled. To view Insight Tags you can follow the below steps. (Coming soon)


  • You can View History of your LinkedIn campaigns and ad groups, to keep track of changes, edits, updates, etc. made to them.
  • From the ad group information page, you can make changes (add/remove) to your targeting options and save the new details.
  • You can link LinkedIn creatives to the ad groups but only the selected ad format options will be listed.
  • You can allocate XPO accounts to LinkedIn accounts from the Utility menu by selecting Manage LinkedIn and Allocate Accounts.
  • Once (1) pre-requisites are completed, you can sync campaigns between XPO and LinkedIn.

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