How To Set Daily/ Lifetime Budget Caps For Facebook Campaigns

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There are 2 types of budget duration that you can set:

a) Lifetime budget

b) Daily budget

When you set your budget for lifetime mode, you essentially want your budget to be spent over the entire run-time of your campaign or ad group. Lifetime budgets are useful if you don’t want to exceed a certain amount of overall spend and to have flexibility on how much you want to spend daily. 

However, if you have specific daily spend goals for your campaign or ad group runs, then you should opt for daily budget.

How To Set Lifetime/Daily Budget In XPO

  1. Quick Launch a Facebook Campaign.
  2. Select one of the Budget Type either Daily Budget or Lifetime Budget depending on your strategy (NOTE: Do not tick the toggle "Don't apply daily budget cap to all ad groups" or leave it unchecked).
  • If you wish to run a Facebook CBO (Campaign Budget Optimization), then you should not enable/tick the toggle “Don’t apply daily budget cap to ad groups”. This is when you will get the options to select either Facebook Daily or Lifetime Budgets for your Facebook campaign.
  • At the ad group level, you will only be able to select the max/min budget based on your selected strategy (Daily or Lifetime budget). 
  • Facebook CBO is auto-enabled and if you do not want it for your campaign, then enable the toggle "Don't apply daily budget cap to ad groups", but the options of Daily & Lifetime budget will also be disabled.



  • Once you set the Daily/ Lifetime Budget in XPO, it will be synced and shown in your Facebook Business Manager under Campaign-Level Lifetime Budget, Campaign Budget Optimization, and Campaign Spending Limit
  • You cannot edit budget type at ad group level
  • Once the Daily/ Lifetime budget option is set at the campaign level, you can only enter the max and min daily/lifetime budget at ad group level
  • You cannot change the budget type once the campaign details are saved
  • You can clone Facebook campaigns with the selected budget type across accounts
  • You can sync Facebook campaigns with the selected budget type

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