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Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) or also known as two-step authentication, is an extra layer of security used to verify your online identity using two or more authentication factors, e.g. besides your login password, you will be required to provide additional evidence such as an one-time password (OTP), a token generated number or biometric info. 

To enhance the protection and security of your XPO accounts, we have introduced 2FA using OTP as part of our overall security solution to deter unauthorized users from gaining access to your XPO account. 


  • 2FA is not compulsory and is enabled in XPO based on your requirement. Nonetheless, we recommend enabling this option to provide additional protection to your account and information.
  • When you log in to XPO, you have a pop-up option to either Enable or set up later. If you choose to close the setup alert, you will be able to access XPO as per usual. However, 2FA alert banner will be visible to you on your Account Dashboard.


How Does 2FA Work In XPO

1. When You Log In For The First Time

A) When you log in to your XPO account for the first time, you will be prompted to set up 2FA before you are directed to the XPO dashboard. Click on Get Started to proceed with the 2FA setup.


Next, click on Authy app (a third-party authenticator app that XPO supports) and you will be redirected to download (iOS or Android) and install the app (

  • Once you have installed and registered on the Authy app, scan the QR code using the Authy app, and click Verify Set Up.


  • If you haven't scanned the QR code or if there has been an error in setting up the app, you will not be able to proceed


C) Once you're successfully verified, you will be automatically logged out of XPO and you will be asked to log in again as a verification step. After logging in, verify it with an OTP. 

The OTP will be generated from the Authy App.



     Screenshot_2020-10-01_at_11.40.51_AM.jpg    Screenshot_2020-10-01_at_1.19.37_PM.jpg

D) You are now successfully logged into XPO. 


2. Set Up 2FA Later

A) If you do not enable 2FA, you will see the following message in your account dashboard. 


B) Click Enable and the follow steps 1(B) once you are ready to use 2FA. We highly recommend you to turn on 2FA to enhance your account protection and security.

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