How Do I Set/Change A Timezone

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For a detailed explanation of how to target a user based on their timezone, refer to this article.

XPO supports timezone settings on (a) account level or (b) user level (see article) .

When timezone is applied on the account level, the following:

Will be impacted: 

  • The account will now operate in that timezone across its activities and settings. Account metrics (all campaigns elements including start/end dates, ad groups, and creative statistics, etc. shall be automatically represented using that timezone
  • Targeting capability such as dayparting will reflect that timezone
  • Reports are automatically adjusted to that timezone

Will not be impacted: 

  • Live campaigns, ad group, start date, end date, and/or scheduled reports will not be affected by any switch/change in timezone applied to the account. All data shall continue to adopt the previous timezone. However, any new campaigns, ad groups, and scheduled reports created will be using the newly applied timezone.
  • Ad exchange bidding mechanism adheres to campaign timezones, and hence will not be affected by any timezone change applied on the account level.


How To Set / Change Timezone


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