Server-To-Server (S2S) Conversion Tracking


For S2S conversion campaigns, you must have a postback URL mechanism   to be enabled from your server.   Once it is enabled, you will be ready to use S2S.

The digital advertising industry is facing significant challenge with the imminent phasing out of third-party advertising cookies. One of the solutions that Knorex has introduced to meet the challenge in the post-cookies world is called Server-to-Server (S2S).

Server-To-Server (S2S) is a way to track your customers' conversions directly from your server. You can track multiple conversions across channels, without having to embed Knorex pixels on your website. Conversion refers to installs, signups, registrations, purchases, and so on. 

S2S does not use cookies, but conversion details are stored in the form of unique IDs or click IDs once the customer interacts with the ad creative. The click IDs are unique for each click.

Tracking conversion data helps you analyze and derive insights about your customers' actions on mobile apps or/and websites, and aid in measuring the impact, return on ad spend and also optimize campaigns.

How S2S Conversion Tracking Works in XPO


S2S is automatically activated at the partner level. Further, for accounts created under it, you can create the Conversion Goals.

2. Once the customer clicks or interacts with the advertisement, Knorex generates a unique click ID (kcid) to the landing URL, which then redirects the customer to the clicked URL.

For instance, if the landing URL is "", once a user clicks on the ad, it will change to "".

3. These click IDs are sent and saved to your server. Once the consumer completes the funnel and the conversion (purchase, sign-up, etc.) is generated, you will need to send the click ID to Knorex from your server via a postback URL. 


Postback Application Programming Interface (API) is available for your integration.

Contact your Account Manager for more details.


For existing Partner Accounts (i.e. created before 3 July 2020), request your Knorex Account Manager to create S2S Conversion Tracking for your campaigns.

We will then create the Conversion Goals for you, after which you can follow steps 2 and 3 above to set it up.

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