This feature is useful when you want to bid for multiple ad spaces simultaneously across different PMP deals.

How To Bulk Upload Deals

Watch the simple video and follow the detailed steps for further explanation.


1. From your dashboard, click on Publisher Management Platform from the Settings menu.



2. Select Upload Deals from the Upload menu.



3. Once you are directed to Upload Deals, from the Inventory access menu, select the account(s) that will have access to your multiple uploaded deals.

You can select more than one account.




4. You can also delete an account from your list.



5. Download the CSV template file.

There are mandatory fields that must be filled into the template for successful uploading:

  1. Name

  2. Exchange 

  3. Deal Code

  4. Start Date

  5. Type

The template also includes the non-mandatory fields:

  1. Floor Price

  2. Seller Name

  3. Timezone (if don’t have a default time zone, this will be a required field)

  4. End Date (default will be: never end)

  5. Public Deal (default will be: False)


    (click image to view)


6. Upload the file to import the details in XPO.

  • The uploaded CSV file only works with a valid format. If a mandatory field is incomplete, XPO will prompt an error by displaying the accepted rows and rejected rows.
  • You can proceed to upload the file with the errors as well, but the rows with errors will be automatically removed.


7.  Click Upload and then Save. You can now link the deals individually, in any campaign or ad group under the selected accounts from step 3.




  • You can upload only a single file at a time. You can also remove a file by clicking the cross button

  • It is mandatory for at least one row to be entered before uploading the template

  • As soon as you save the Bulk Upload Deals, the total number of rows in the CSV file template is equal to the total number of deals created

  • You can upload a maximum of 10,000 deals (rows) only

  • You cannot upload the same deal twice. Deal codes cannot be duplicated

  • You can clone deals that are successfully uploaded, but you will need to change the deal code
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