If you are managing multiple accounts, then XPO Partner Account Management comes with a convenient tool that lets you easily clone existing accounts information and configurations (see Modify Cloning Details below) into new accounts that you are creating to save you time and repetitive effort.


How To Clone Accounts On A Partner Level

1. From your Partner Dashboard, under Accounts menu, select Manage Account


2(a). Select the Account that which you wish to clone. From the Actions dropdown, click on Clone Account



2(b). Alternatively, another way is you directly clone the selected account under its Account Information page by clicking on Clone Account.



3. Modify Cloning Details (If Any)

Once you have selected Clone Account as explained above, you are prompted to change the below information of the cloned account:

  • Account Name
  • Website
  • Logo

The below details are pre-filled based on the original account, and can be changed if necessary:

  • Partner email address (to activate the account)
  • Description of the account
  • Quotation number and optional quotation file
  • Industry
  • Currency
  • Timezone
  • Roles
  • Subscription plan, subscription auto renewal flag
  • Grace period
  • Billing information
  • Max creatives for approval
  • Partnership mode
  • Service type
  • Share asset flag

4. Upon completion of cloning of the account, an activation email will be sent to the entered email address.

Click activate now and you will be able to access the newly cloned account.


  • When you configure your Partner Account, set the maximum limit of accounts as 'unlimited'. This is to avoid errors while cloning accounts caused by limited account space in your Partner Account

  • Suspended or Inactive accounts cannot be cloned. However, If you wish to clone such accounts, you will first need to get them activated. Reach out to your Knorex Account Manager to activate such accounts



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