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What Is OTT/CTV?

OTT/CTV are two terms typically mentioned together and often confused. 

Over-the-top (OTT) initially referred to as "streaming devices" (e.g. Chromecast, Amazon Firesticks, Roku box, smart TVs, Apple TVs) or gaming consoles (e.g. Xbox, Sony Playstation), collectively known as "OTT devices". These OTT devices are physically connected to the TV and are placed over the top of a consumer's cable box in the living room that lets consumers access video content, thus the term OTT.

As technologies improve or new ones emerge, the term "OTT" has since evolved to refer to streaming media services that offer videos and other digital content to any devices including TVs that are capable of being connecting to the Internet, thus bypassing the traditional cable, broadcast, and satellite television platforms.

On the other hand, connected TVs (CTVs), as an encompassing term refers to TVs that are capable of connecting to the Internet to access contents beyond what a cable or broadband provider offers. For that reason, besides smart TVs or IPTVs which are inherently capable of connecting to the Internet, CTVs, therefore, include OTT devices that are connected to traditional TVs, enabling the TV now being able to connect to the Internet.

OTT contents therefore can now be delivered through CTVs and other popular devices such as mobile phones, iPad/tablets, computers too.

An example scenario to illustrate how all the above are connected: you got your broadband from a provider like Comcast and subscribe to an OTT content provider e.g. Hulu  , so you are going over-the-top of the broadband provider that serves as an access layer while using the Hulu app as the main way to access contents that is streamed into an Internet-connected app such as Hulu. The device that you use to access Hulu can be a CTV. 


How To Set Up OTT/CTV Ads In XPO?

1. Create a new campaign 

  • You can also select an existing campaign you wish to create this ad group strategy for. Make sure Programmatic channel is selected.

2. Create a new video creative 

3. Create a OTT/CTV ad group

  • Link the new creative from step 2 to this ad group

Targeting Options For OTT/CTV Ads

OTT/CTV ads will be shown on OTT devices (see above for definition).

Learn more about OTT/CTV Targeting Settings.

Targeting Options Available Not Available
  • First Party Audience Targeting
  • Third Party Audience Targeting
  • Contextual Targeting


Supported Geo-Locations & Estimated Impressions For CTV


(contact your account manager for the specific country names) 
Estimated Average Impressions of all countries within the region

(for a period of 7 days)
Asia 1.1 Million Contact your account manager for individual country rates
Europe 236 Thousand
US, Canada & Latin America 433 Million

XPO can open up 10X more traffic within a span of 5 days, depending on your budget.


1. Where will my ad appear for such campaigns?

Ans. Please see below example for ad placement.

2. Can I optimize towards CPV?

Ans. Currently, XPO doesn't support this for OTT/CTV campaigns. This feature will be available from Q3 2020.

3. Can you provide a detailed report on where exactly my ad appeared during the TV program?

Ans. As of now, most Exchanges do not support sharing the placement of your ads. 

4. Can I set up a PMP deal with my preferred publisher and run the ad?

Ans. Yes, once you negotiate a deal with the publisher and after agreeing on the pricing, you are required to ask the publisher to share the deal request to Knorex DSP (check with your Knorex account manager on Knorex DSP Id for the different exchanges). Once Knorex Team accepts the deal, it will be made available to your account.

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