XPO lists important marketing Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)  , which are quantifiable goals that a marketer will get XPO to deliver towards monitoring, analyzing and optimizing the campaign performance are on track. 

XPO Recommended KPIs Based On Campaign Objectives

When you create a new campaign and select a marketing objective, XPO will recommend a set of corresponding KPIs that should work towards achieving that objective, these KPIs are known as "Recommended KPIs". Other KPIs which are not recommended for its suitability given the selected objective shall all be categorized under "Non Recommended KPIs."

  Objectives Recommended KPIs Non-Recommended KPIs
1 Brand Awareness CPM, CPV, Viewable % CPC, CPI, CPL, ROI


CPM, CPV, Viewable % 

3 Traffic CTR, Viewable %, CPC CPA, CPI, CPL, ROI 
4 Video Views CPV, CPC, CTR CPA, CPM, Viewable %
5 Post Engagement CPE (Cost Per Engagement) CPA, ROI, CPM, CPC, Viewable %
6 Post Likes CPL (Cost Per Likes) CPA, ROI, CPM, CPC, Viewable %
7 Conversions CPA, ROI  CPM, CPV, Viewable % 
8 Catalog Sales CPA, ROI  CPM, CPV, Viewable % 
9 Lead Generation CPA, ROI  CPM, CPV, Viewable % 
10 App Install CPI (Cost Per Install) CPM, CPV, Viewable % 


How To Set KPIs At Campaign Level

1. Create a new campaign (or edit an existing one) from campaign dashboard. 

Since KPIs are based on the selected objective, XPO will automatically select the first recommended KPI value.

Example 1: If campaign objective is set to "brand awareness", then the KPI is automatically set to CPM.


Example 2: If campaign objective is "traffic", then the KPI is automatically set to CTR.


Important Points

  • Selecting a KPI value is NOT mandatory and you can create a campaign without setting it. This can be done by clicking on X (Cross) button in the KPI field.

  • You can select any KPI value from either the Recommended or Non Recommended list. XPO will  recommend to you to select a value from the Recommended KPIs list for better performance.


  • You will need to provide the KPI amount which will then determine the performance of your campaign.

    Example, if you create a campaign with a Conversion Objective and select KPI value as CPA, you have to enter the KPI amount as USD X.

    If you create a campaign with a Traffic Objective and select KPI value as CTR, you have to enter KPI amount as X%.

  • The KPI amount is a numeric field where only whole numbers or decimal values up to two places can be entered.

  • While editing a campaign in XPO, you can add/delete and/or change the KPI value and KPI amount. 

  • If you clone the campaign to the same account or to another account, it will be cloned along with the pre-selected KPI value and KPI amount. This can be edited.

  • You can analyze your set KPIs on Partner Dashboard and view the under/over performing campaigns [(Achieved/Expected)*100].

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