Tik Tok    is a popular social media platform in the form of a mobile app where users worldwide create, share and discover short music videos within the platform. By advertising into this platform, you get to reach diverse audiences and connect with worldwide consumers.


How To Create A TikTok Campaign

1. Create a new campaign

Points to note

  • Campaign Objective (select "capture video views" or "drive traffic")
  • Campaign Budget (allocate all budget to programmatic i.e Display, Video & Native)
  • Campaign KPI, depends on the campaign objective (CPV where value is same as the CPM; CTR or CPC)

2. Create a new native creative 

Points to note

 3. Create a native ad group


Points to note

  • Ad group Exchange is Smaato
  • Link the new creative from step 2 to this ad group
  • You will need to use the below App Id to access TikTok 


    1. ss.android.ugc.trill
    2. zhiliaoapp.musically

    1. 835599320
    2. 1039610913



Supported Geo-locations

India Contact your Account Manager for individual country rates
South Korea
Saudi Arabia


1. Do you need a TikTok account to run TikTok ads?

Ans: No, you don't need an account. This is because XPO buys TikTok inventory programmatically through the exchange and not through TikTok's native platform.


2. What's the difference between buying TikTok directly vs buying via XPO?

Ans: In XPO, you are buying TikTok inventory programmatically. This allows you to use your first party data in your buying strategy. You have access to more than 100+ DMP's to use in your campaign. With these options made available in XPO, you can target and reach your audiences efficiently.


3. How can I optimize towards CPV (cost per view)?

Ans: In XPO, you optimize using CPM to get an optimal CPV rate. This is the way Native Video Ads work. You will only be charged the corresponding CPM rate when the ads start playing in the TikTok App (NOTE: one impression is treated as one view)


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