In XPO, you can zero in on specific target audience segments. Detailed Targeting    helps you refine the group of people that you want to show your ads to.

You can further refine your targeting by using additional demographics including education, financial, life events such as birthdays, relationship status, work, etc.


How To Create Narrow Audience In Facebook?

  1. Create a Facebook ad group for the campaign you wish to set this strategy for. Learn how to create an ad group here.

  2. From the ad group dashboard, select the Facebook ad group that you have just created (or use an existing Facebook ad group)


  3. Select Demographics from the targeting options. Apart from age and gender options, you can further categorize your audience breakdown.



  4. The detailed breakdown are some of the following:
    - Education level, fields of study, schools, undergrad years, etc.
    - Financial and income levels
    - Life events such as anniversary, date of birth, newlywed or engaged, etc
    - Parents with adult children, preschoolers, teenagers, toddlers, etc
    - Relationship status
    - Work, designations and industry specifics

  5. Once you select your categorization, choose to Include or Exclude then click Save.



When you are narrowing your audience, be sure not to be too specific or narrow as that will reduce the audience size to be too small to be effective in its reach, thus leading to unfavorable results.

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