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Q: What is the maximum radius setting for Factual, and Mobilewalla?

A: This settings depends on your target country and their size. For example, in huge countries like the US, the setting allows a radius of up to 100 miles while in small country such as Singapore, the radius allowable is up to 10km. In any case, do remember that for proximity targeting, it is important that our priority and focus should be on minimum radius instead of the maximum supported radius since the point of proximity targeting is to be more targeted.

Q. What is the major difference between Proximity Audience and Proximity Design?

Ans: Proximity Audience lets you target based on user's historical location data through their device id. This is based on the location in the last 1, 7, 30 days, and so on. There is no maximum limit for the time period on data collection.

Proximity Design lets you target users based on users' current location. This is real-time targeting. For example, targeting a user who is currently passing by a McDonald’s restaurant. Both of the underlying data are provided by our integration partner - Factual.

Q. Is there an additional cost to applying/using these targeting capabilities?

Ans: Yes, additional fee is chargeable for the use of this targeting capability. These include data usage and service cost. Refer to the pricing shown in XPO UI and/or request your Knorex Account/Customer Success Manager for the details.

Q. Does Facebook report by ads are being shown to/who engaged with them and what city?

Ans: No, Facebook does not allow for reporting by city. You can only view the report by country/region  . However, you can report by designated marketing areas (DMA)  .

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