FAQs - Proximity Design & Proximity Audience

Q. 1. What is the maximum radius setting for LotaData, Factual, and Mobilewalla? 

Ans. This depends on your target country.

For example, countries like the US allows a radius up to 100km and Singapore allows up to 10km. For proximity targeting, our focus should be on the minimum radius instead of the maximum supported radius.

Q. 2. What is the major difference between Proximity Audience (LotaData) and Proximity Design (Factual)?

Ans. Proximity Audience powered by LotaData gives you the historic data of a user. This is based on the location in the last 1, 7, 30 days, and so on. There is no maximum limit for the time period on data collection.
In this situation, we are targeting the device id of a user.

Proximity Design powered by Factual targets users based on their current location. This is real-time targeting. For example, targeting a user who is currently passing by a McDonald’s restaurant.

Q. 3. Are these targeting capabilities available in the Hong Kong market?

Ans. Proximity Design powered by Factual is available in the Hong Kong market.

Proximity Targeting by LotaData is not enabled by default on XPO but can be enabled based on client requests.

Q. 4. Is there an additional cost to apply these targeting capabilities? 

Ans. Yes, users will be charged an additional USD 1 CPM for each capability separately. These include data usage and service cost.

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