Using XPO Partner Account, you can easily manage multiple accounts in one place. You can view campaigns, ad groups and creatives, all within one dashboard without having to open multiple tabs.


What Does This Dashboard Include?

A. Single View Of:

  • Multiple Accounts along with the overall performance of each account
  • Campaigns for each account
  • Ad Groups for each campaign
  • Creatives for each ad group



B. Filter To View Specific Account(s)

Use this option to filter the list of accounts to let you focus on them.



C. Monitor Campaign(s) That Are Under/Over Spending or Performing Or Creatives That Are Rejected

Manage and track all accounts performance easily to let you attend to underperforming campaigns or accounts. 


An Under/Over Performing Campaign is based on the performance of the set KPIs for a period of 30 days. If there is no KPI, the campaign measurement will not be viewed.

The user can also filter the campaigns based on Channels and Warnings.



D. Direct View Of Various Reporting Metrics For Efficient Campaign & Ad Group Management 


E. Individual Custom Views

XPO comes with a handy feature to let you manage large number of accounts. With the Custom View feature, you can filter and save up the list of related accounts that you want and group them into a custom list, freeing up your time to let you focus on reviewing their performance or managing them.

Steps to create custom views:

1. Select the Accounts, Campaigns, Ad Groups and/or Creatives and categorize them under a different custom view name by clicking on Save as custom view. You can also choose your filters.


2. The customized dashboard view(s) will load your saved categorization


3. You can choose to set your customized view as Default View which will auto load once the user logs into Partner Dashboard


4. You can update accounts or filters by selecting your changes and clicking on Update Custom View or even delete a custom view


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