About UnionPay Advisors

UnionPay Advisors   is a unique platform that brings in a combination of big data and AI technology, to enable you an expanded and granulated target audience set. You now have access to a reliable and high quality customer transaction data. 

Key stats about UnionPay Advisors for data analytics:

  • 7 billion bank cards, 40 billion transactions per year, 60 million merchants
  • Overseas spending - showcasing the spending power of different tiers, with coverage in over 150 countries
  • Consumer trends - more than 1000 retailers under their wing
  • 13 industry verticals with 70,000 brands

Below are key metrics used for audience filtering to increase your ad success rate:

  • Demographics - sex, age, city of residence, education level, profession, marriage status, family status 
  • Airlines - airline preferences, ticket purchasing channels, ​travel season preferences, travel frequency, ​destination country/city
  • Hotels - hotel star rating, hotel brand preference, ​spending frequency on hotels, ​transaction amount of hotel booking
  • Behavior interests - examples can include pet spending, leisure or business travel spending, F&B spending or even entertainment spending
  • Spending power and wealth status - includes aspects such as oversea spending (eg. on hotels and shopping categories), frequency of spending, income, banking tier status, ​property or car value, etc.

How To Build Audience With UnionPay Advisors?

1. Create a new Audience Segment by selecting +Audience 


2. Name the Audience Segment > select the Advertiser > Third Party Audience > Digital ID > Click Save. 


3. Select Union Pay Advisors and decide your audience filtering based on your who you wish to target. Click Save.


4. This third party segment will be saved in the audience dashboard.

You can now link the audience set to your campaigns and ad groups.


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