How To Add Facebook Pages

To add Facebook pages to your XPO Account, you must first link your Facebook Account to XPO.


A. If You Are A Partner Admin

Now that you have linked your Facebook Account and XPO,

Scenario A: If you have already linked your Facebook Page to XPO, follow these steps:

  1. From Partner dashboard, under Utility menu, select Manage Facebook


  2. In Facebook Account Management dashboard, select Allocate Pages


  3. Select Facebook Account, then select the XPO Account and Advertiser

  4. From the Page List associated to the selected Advertiser, tick the page you wish to allocate and click Save


Scenario B: If your Facebook Page is not linked to XPO yet, follow these steps:

  1. From Partner dashboard, under Utility menu, select Manage Facebook

  2. In Facebook Account Management dashboard, from your selected Facebook Account Name, click on Actions dropdown and select Add Page


  3. Fill in the Page details (page URL, page ID or page name), then select the XPO Advertiser. Click Add. This new page will now be added to the selected Advertiser



B. If You Are A System Admin

  1. Go to the advertiser account level in XPO Admin Dashboard and click on Manage Facebook Accounts under the Account menu


  2. Click on Add Page under the Actions button


  3. Input the URL of the Facebook page you wish to add and click on Add Page to confirm the selection. A request will then be sent to the Facebook Business Manager account of the owner of the recently added Facebook page, which will require to be accepted on their end

  4. Click Add Page


Approval Of The Page Request

A. From The Facebook Page

  1. Go to and to your Facebook Business Manager
  2. Settings > Page Roles > Pending Partner Requests, select Respond to Request and click Give Knorex access to my Page


    2. Enter your Facebook password and click Submit

  3. You will see a request notification from Knorex XPO Business Manager (account ID: 1796348137266118). Approve this request notification from your dashboard
  5. image.jpeg

  6. Screenshot_2020-11-09_at_3.58.13_PM.jpg


    3. Once successful, the Settings Page will refresh and display the "Roles approved" for Knorex



    B. From Your Business Manager Account

    1. Login to your Facebook Business Manager and go to the Business Manager Settings page from there


    2. Click on Requests from your settings and then select Approve

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