About LotaData

Lota Data   is a proximity data service provider that helps businesses to understand intentions and historic locations of people. The company assists in building accurate audience sets for you.

Key points about LotaData:

  • CityDash AI powered by LotaData provides essential analytics and data intelligence for economic development, urban planning, mobility, transportation, smart assets, law enforcement, 311 customer service, parks, recreation programs, city events and much more
  • Its global coverage includes 1349 cities
  • The historic data is computed based on an attribution window  of 1 day to a maximum of 30 days to help build your specific audience set


How To Use Proximity Targeting Through LotaData Audience Data

1. Navigate to Audience > Data Connector > Add New and then select Proximity Audience


2. Name your Proximity Audience, select your Advertiser and Channel

3. Click Next.


4. You will be directed to LotaData user interface called CityDash


5. Select a country/city you wish to target. This will lead to a high level graphic breakdown of the target country/city into the below categories.

CityDash interface divides the city into blocks, making it easy to identify and compute data in terms of regions.



    For example, Singapore is selected and further broken down to Changi Airport to analyze the data. We see the total number of people at the airport, their visit timing, their detailed demographics, and also the movement of the audience to different parts of the city, giving you an idea of their behavior and interests.



    Business Places include the overall data available on CityDash for the specific city selected. There is a constant update with the data to ensure new industries and outlets get added.
    It consists of industries such as retail, F&B, hotels, gas stations, real estate, car dealers, cosmetics, etc. 

    Uploaded Places are locations and sites which you can request us to add into the system. A specific excel format must be used to complete this step.


    Select your industry (eg. coffee) and specific region (to narrow down the large volumes of data) and then break it down further to a specific vendor (eg. Starbucks). Click Save Segment.


    Drawn places assists to draw out specific areas within each block by using the rectangle or circle icon on the bottom left of the interface. You can also decide the radius (found in Settings) around the block/region to help compute the data according to your specifications.

    Save the circle drawn out, by selecting Save Segment.



You can decide to use Business Places, Uploaded Places and/or Drawn Places.

It is recommended to create 2 separate segments, eg. one for the business places and another for drawn place. You can then decide if you want to target both audiences with the same ad or try different ads.


    View your saved segments under Segments (in this case the drawn circle and Starbucks).

    Select each saved segment individually and click on Compute. Key in the period for computing the segmented audience. The system will compute historic data for your selected period. 
    Click on Start Compute.

    The saved segments are sent to the cloud to compute the audience for you. The compute typically takes less than 24 hours.



6. Once you finalize your saved segments, click Save on XPO and your audience will build.

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