Device ID report provides you the insights to the list of device IDs (e.g. IDFA for iOS and IFA for Android) of the individuals who have seen your advertisement. Use this report to help you analyze your audience and retarget the right ones for future campaigns.

This report is available for sharing via email but not via link. This is to maintain confidentiality of the device id and keep a record of who has access to the reports.


How To Generate A Device ID Report?

 1. Share reports via email

Go to Reports > Insights > select the campaign(s) > Action and click Email


2. Type in the email address of the recipient. You can add more than one recipient. 


3. In the Breakdown Fields select Device ID. 

When Device ID is selected, all other metrics will be disabled. This is due to the volume of data and time involved to process it.

If you wish to analyze Device ID along with any custom metrics fields, please contact your Account Manager and we will generate your customized reports accordingly. 


4. Click Send Email.


How To Use Device ID For Retargeting?

1. Select Audience > Data Connector > Add New and click on Device



2. Fill in Device List Name, Advertiser and select which channel you wish to use this device list for.

Device list is not available for Search campaigns. 

Upload the CSV file and click Save. Link the newly created audience segment for various campaigns.


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