Ever experienced a situation where you need the exact same campaign metrics, ad group targeting strategy or a creative, all for a new account with a similar setup? 

XPO has new cloning feature that can help you do that and save you time! 

Knorex introduced cloning on XPO platform to ensure we deliver operational efficiency and value to you. 

How Cloning works on XPO?

1. Based on the name of the campaigns, ad groups or creatives you want to replicate, select Clone beside the respective segment


2. If you want to replicate the segments to the same account, click clone.


3. If you want to replicate the segments to a different account, click clone to other accounts


4. If you click the edit logo, XPO shows you the entire campaign details

  • You can edit the budget, scheduling, ad category, conversion goals, impression and frequency cap right here
  • However, the facebook ad account, google ad account and objective cannot be edited


5. Click Clone.

You can find the cloned campaign, ad group or creative in the same account list or/and if it has been cloned for another account, you can find it in the other account's list as well. 

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