How Do I Target Audiences Based On Proximity?

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Target Audiences In Real-Time Using Location Data By Factual/Foursquare

  1. From the menu: Audience > Select Data Connector > Add New > Proximity Audience.

  2. First set the country to narrow down the data set & Create Data Set and click Save.

  3. Create a Design Name, Set Name, and Geofence size. This will help XPO identify your audience segment. You can also play around with the other parameters available to best fit your target. These features help in breaking down the segment with great specificity.
  4. Click Finish Set, then Save and allow Factual/Foursquare to calculate the audience set.
  5. Click Save.

  6.  The Proximity Audience created will now appear on the Data Connector list. You will need to Build this audience.

Building the audience takes 24 hours, after which it will be visible in the Audience dashboard. This can then be linked to an ad group. 


Target Audiences Based On Historic Location Data By Factual/Foursquare

With Factual/Foursquare, you can target prospects based on places they have visited in the past, places they travel frequently to, and also where they live (or have lived in the past). You can use Factual/Foursquare to target the below scenarios:

  • Visits to specific places, retail chains/outlets, or categories of businesses
  • Recency and frequency of visits
  • Patterns of behavior (For instance, drives to work)
  • Time of the day or day of the week
  1. From the menu: Audience > Select Data Connector > Add New > Behavioural Audience.

  2. Key in the details:
      • Behavioral Audience Name & Advertiser Account
      • Channels (Programmatic and/or Facebook)
      • Data Vendor - Factual
  3. Once done, click Next.

  4. You will now be redirected to the below dashboard to select your targeting strategy.

    (a) Behaviors
    • Target audiences who have been at a specific location(s) on any particular day, month, or year.
    • Target audiences with specific online interests (books, literature, credits or lending, electronics, business, etc.) or behavioral segments/ready-to-use audiences (fast-casual diners, movie-goers, eco-friendly shoppers, traveling, etc.).
    • You can also upload a file with curated behavioral segments.

      Here, you can target audiences based on where they live (or lived in the past) or even a geographical area that has been visited in the past.

      (c) Demographics
      Target based on age, gender, income (US$ only), and you can also target based on the parental status with the relevant product or service, based on your ad message. 

  5. Click Add to Design, save it on the Factual/Foursquare interface, and then save it in the XPO dashboard.

        • You will be able to view the newly created audience under the "Behavioral Audience - Factual" from Audience Segment dashboard, as well as the Data Connector dashboard.
        • Under the Status menu, if it says "Design not found", it means the design is not saved.
        • "In Design" reflects the design being built.
        • "Building" reflects the design being edited.
        • "Built" reflects the published design.
        • Under the Action menu, when you click Build, the estimated audience will populate.

  6. Link the newly created audience segment to your channel ad groups.
  • You will not be able to create a lookalike audience for Proximity Audience - Factual as they are third-party audience segments.
  • To upload a file with curated behavioral segments under Behaviors (explained in point 5.A.), you can refer to the required format here.


How To Use Factual/Foursquare Audience In Your Campaign

  1. Under the Campaigns menu, select a campaign and click on the ad group that you wish to add
  2. The feature is available under Audience, as one of the different targeting options during ad group setup
  3. Click on Add Audience, and search the audience name created for your campaign by Data Connector - Behavioral Audience and/or Proximity Audience.


About Factual/Foursquare

To augment proximity targeting across programmatic channels for your advertising campaigns, XPO has integrated with Factual (now Foursquare), a comprehensive location-based data company that empowers the world’s leading marketers with high-quality data and insights to reach and engage with your consumers. 

Key stats about Factual:

  • 130 million places
  • 52 countries
  • 475+ place categories
  • 650+ million unique verified devices

By using Factual's location, you will be able to:

  • Get highly customized targeting (based on location) tailored to your advertising campaign KPIs
  • Convey the full value of campaigns 
  • Add value through insights 

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