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This feature is only applicable to Social Media campaigns on Facebook.

Facebook Offer Ads  are ads that you can use to promote discounts that you are offering to new and existing customers to encourage them to buy your product or service. This ad format is now available in XPO where you can create offer ads to reach a wider audience pool. 

Facebook Offer Ads can help you to:

  • Increase social media engagement
  • Bring in more traffic
  • Boost customer loyalty

There are 2 types of Facebook Offer Ads:

  1. Online offer ads - Offers can only be redeemed for online purchases. People who save your offer ad on Facebook will get Facebook notifications before the offer expires.
  2. In-store offer ads - Offers can only be redeemed in your physical store. People who save your offer ad on Facebook will receive Facebook notifications and an email of the offer to print before the offer expires. If their phone has location sharing turned on, they will also receive a reminder to use your offer when they are close to your store. 

You can launch either or both types of offer ads at the same time.


To create an offer ad, do the following:

1. Create A Facebook Ad Group

From the Campaigns menu, click on the campaign to which you wish to add a new ad group. Click +Ad Group.

Name your Ad Group and select Facebook Ad Group Type.


2. Create Offer

Scroll down to the next part of the form under the Targeting portion, you will see Create Offer.

Turn on the toggle button to use Offer Ads. 
Select your Facebook Page

There are two ways you can create offer ads:
a. Existing

Search for your existing offer under Search for an offer.

b. Create New

Fill in Offer Title, Details, and End Date.

Choose the type of Offer Redemption that you prefer:

  • Online only - enter the website URL of where a user can redeem this offer
  • Online and In-Store - enter the website URL where a user can redeem this offer

Choose the type of promo codes you prefer:

  • No Code
  • One Code

Input your customized code for online use in the Online promo code.

Select one of the following code types under In-Store promo code and input customized code for in-store use:

  • Custom code
  • CODE128
  • CODE128B
  • CODE93
  • EAN
  • PDF417
  • QR
  • UPC_A
  • UPC_E

You can set a limit for this offer or leave it blank in Total offers available.

Advanced Options

  1. Select the checkbox if you want to hide the share option on your offer. People can still copy and paste a link to your offer and tag friends in the comments. Learn more.
  2. Terms and Conditions
    Add the rules and legal info if you would like to state it. For example, you can tell people what items or services do not apply to this offer.


3. Preview to View How Offer Ads Will Look Like

Details Notification Email

Click Save to finish. 

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