This feature is only applicable to Search campaigns on Google.

XPO supports various extensions for running your Google Ads (formerly known as "AdWords") Search campaigns. The latest addition is Location extensions. Now, you can extend your AdWords campaigns by dynamically attaching your business address to your Adwords ads with this feature. Location extensions helps to attract customers who may be just around the corner and those who are searching for a business in an area that they might be planning to visit real soon. What's more it helps to prospects to find your locations by showing your ads with your business address, a map to your location, or the distance to your business. To top it off, you can include a phone number or call button to let prospects to call you right away, reducing further the friction to get in touch with your business.

How To Include Location Extensions

a) Under the Creative menu, click +Creative

b) Name your Creative

c) Select Search Ads and Search Extension

d) Select Location from the drop-down list under Extension Type 


e) Open the new creative you have just created


Create New Location

1. To create a new location, click +Location.


2. Fill in the following:

  • Business Name
  • Region
  • Business Category
  • Contact Information
  • Current Website URL (Optional)



You can create new location with multiple business categories and multiple contact information.

3. You can also fill in more fields under Show advanced options:

  • Open Hours
  • Address
  • State
  • City
  • Postal Code


All Synced Locations

All locations of the ad account will be selected and shown in the ad. The list will contain all the locations which we have access.

1. Click locations selected to view all accessible location names in the dropdown list.

2. Click Save.


Synced Locations With A Specific Label Or Business Name

Select this option to sync only locations with a specific business name.

1. Fill in the fields Business Name and Label.

By providing label, you can narrow down the locations further with specific labels (up to 3)

2. Click Save.


Specific Locations You Pick

When you have synced your Google My Business and Google Ads Accounts, your addresses are eligible to show across your accounts. If you want to assign specific addresses to your account, or to particular campaigns or ad groups, then this option is for you.

1. Click Specific locations you pick, the list of locations access will be displayed in the list.

2. Check manually at least one location you want to include in the ad.

3. Click Save.


No Location Extension

Select this option if:

  • you have two campaigns and you do not want to use location for one campaign
  • you want to change locations for some campaigns which you do not want to serve in.

Click Save.


Preview in Mobile or Desktop View

1. How your ads would look like on Mobile


2. How your ads would look like on Desktop


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