How To Create Facebook Catalog Ads

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A Facebook Catalog contains all products an advertiser would want to show a potential buyer and also contains essential information about these products. These catalogs store dynamic content. Facebook, based on a user’s past history, takes the final call on which product should be shown to which customer.

Facebook Catalogs can be suitably used with multiple ad types and formats. The file that stores products and product information is called a Data Feed. Data Feeds can be designed using the XPO Curator.  

Facebook Catalog Ads can help you to: 

  • Build a dynamic inventory of items and use it seamlessly across various ads
  • Target people at relevant touchpoints in the conversion funnel through dynamic ads
  • Provide your audiences with an immersive full-screen experience on mobile devices through collection ads

XPO Facebook Catalog Ad Setup Flow

XPO supports 2 methods of ingesting data into the system for the creation of Feed/Catalog:

(a) Use curator to manually ingest information into the ad template

(b) Import data using the Data Importer (CSV format)

To create a Catalog Ad, do the following: 

  1. Setup a Data Feed using a baseline template
    Currently, XPO supports 7 types of Facebook feed templates: Facebook Flight, Facebook Destination, Facebook Hotel, Facebook Product, Facebook Real Estate, Facebook Carousel Feed, and Facebook Automobile. Each feed template has been designed to comply with certain parameters/attributes Facebook uses for each specific niche
  2. Setup a Facebook Catalog
  3. Link the Catalog to a Facebook Catalog Ad
  4. Link the Facebook Catalog Ad to a Campaign

Watch the video below to understand the steps to set up a Data Feed, how to link a Data Feed to a Facebook Catalog and how to link the Catalog to a Facebook Catalog Ad. 

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