1. Create a New Report

Under Reports menu, click on My Reports, and select +Report button to create a new scheduled report.


2. Complete the Report Details

a) Name your report.

b) Select the duration of Report intervalTime Zone, Advertiser and Campaign name. 

c) Set the Report Schedule by choosing how frequent you would like to receive your report:

  • Now / immediately
  • Specific Date / Time
  • Daily
  • Weekly
  • Monthly


d) Input the email of the recipient you would like to send the report to. You can add more than one emails here.

e) Select Report Type

Choose between two levels of reporting: (i) Overview and (ii) Detailed. Next, select the fields you would like to see in your report under Reports and Metrics. Click Save to create the scheduled report.

(i) Overview



(ii) Detailed



The email(s) of recipients will receive the report as per your set-up.


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