Use CRM Data for Cross-Channel Targeting

How To Upload CRM Data to Create an Audience Segment?

1. Select DMP Partner

Under top menu Settings, click on DMP and click on the available DMP partner CRM Connector.



2. Create New Segment

a) Click on +Add button to create a new segment.


b) Name your segment.

c) Select one or more of the channels:

  • Display
  • Facebook
  • Adwords (Coming Soon)

d) Upload your CRM data file via CSV or FTP. Download the CSV Template to see what are the fields you can include.


Please make sure that all columns' headers, format and order of the CSV Template remain unchanged. You can fill up specific columns with the relevant information you have and leave the other columns blank if you do not want to input data or the data for those columns is unavailable at your end.


e) Click Submit, once done.


How to Use CRM-based Audience Segments in a Campaign?

Once created, the Audience Segment is found in the DMP dashboard.



The created segment can be found under Audience menu.



Map the CRM Segment to a Campaign

Under Campaigns menu, select the campaign for which you want to use the CRM segment.

There are two ways to do this:

Part 1: Map the CRM Segment to an existing Facebook Ad Group 

a) Select the Facebook ad group.

b) Go to Audience filter, click on +Add Custom and select the relevant CRM segment that you have created for use.

c) Click Save.




Part 2: Map the CRM Segment to a New Ad Group

a) Click on + Ad Group to create a new ad group.

b) Name your ad group.

c) Select Facebook under Ad Group Type.

d) Fill in the relevant details.


e) Under Targeting section, you must:

  1. a Location Select at least one geographic location you want to target.


  2. a Custom Audience: Click on + Custom, find and click on the CRM segment you had created earlier.



f) Fill in the rest of the details.

g) Click Save.


To verify that you have indeed applied the CRM segment to your campaign, refer to steps in Part 1 above for instructions.

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