This feature allows you to easily share real-time campaign insights via a link. 

To generate a report link, please follow the video and the instructions below:

1. Log in to XPO Media Broker, under Reports tab, click on Insights. 

2. On Insights Report page, apply the Filters as per your need. Click on Apply once done.

3. Next, select the campaigns that you want by ticking the boxes. Click on Action > Share report link. It will then prompt an Insight Report window.

4. On the Insight Report window, you can choose the report type - Overview Report or Detailed Report. Overview report provides a high-level view of campaign insights, metrics such as overall Budget Spent, Impressions, Clicks, Conversions will be provided. In the detailed report, in addition to the overall performance insights, you can find more information about performance breakdown for Channel, Creative, Ad Groups, Keywords, etc. 

5. Choose the applicable report type, select the Expiration duration of the link. Next, click on Generate Link. You can either copy the link and start sharing, or email the link to the recipient. 

Below videos shows the examples of Overview and Detailed Report. 

Overview Report: 

Detailed Report: 

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