Additional Note on Facebook Campaign Setup

You can create Facebook campaigns through Media Broker under the Campaign tab. In order to run the Facebook campaign, we will need to have a specific Facebook account linked to the Advertiser account. The linking can be done through the XPO Arena.

1. Steps to Link a Facebook Account with an Advertiser Account 

1. Login to XPO Arena

2. Navigate to the Accounts Tab

3. Click on Manage Facebook Accounts

4. Click on Link Account

5. Select the Advertiser for which you want to create Facebook campaigns

6. Select the Account type as Personal Account

7. Enter the Facebook login details 

8. DONE. 

2. Steps to Create a Facebook Campaign

The steps to create a Facebook Campaign is the same as explained in our Campaign Setup article, one thing that to note is to select the respective Facebook Account when filling in the campaign info: 

3. Steps to Accept Facebook Page Access Request from Knorex

Please follow the steps below to accept Facebook page access request from Knorex:

1. From your Facebook Business Page, select Settings, Page Roles, and under Pending Partner Requests, select Respond to Request and click Give Knorex access to my Page.


2. Enter your Facebook password and click Submit.


3. If successful, the Settings Page will then refresh and display the "Roles approved" for Knorex.


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